Lobby &
Reception Signs

Lobby & Reception Signs

Every office needs a statement lobby sign! It’s the first impression a customer will get when they enter your office. We’ll make sure this first impression makes a big impact.

At Signs2U we have designed, fabricated and installed hundreds of customized lobby and reception business signs. Each one is made with the highest-quality  materials and designed to perfection.

Whether you would like a subtle natural metal or vibrant colors, we have the materials and know-how to make your sign stand out.

Reception area signs can be mounted to stand off from the wall. Consequently, shadows are created behind the sign. For an even more dramatic effect, lighting can be added. As a result, the sign will have a halo-like glow around it.

Foyer signs can be fabricated from numerous materials. Subsequently, there’s an option that will fit with just about any budget.  

In addition to your company name and logo, lobby and receptions signs can also be used to direct traffic and for wayfinding. Many business lobbies use signage to provide information. Such as where to sit, beverage availability, exit locations and more.

As a 3M Certified sign company, we’ll give you signage you can be proud of. Give us a call to discuss your lobby and reception area signage needs today.

Lobby & Reception signs include:

Lobby & Reception Sign Gallery

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